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Simplifying the Business of Energy

Better energy efficiency, lower costs. It's that simple.

The Business

Retailing of Natural Gas
City-OG Gas Energy Services is a trusted retailer of clean natural gas, which is used to produce energy in CHP Systems and Boilers. In turn, this energy powers industries and drives manufacturing, production and has a host of other uses.

Why Natural Gas?
Compared to traditional sources of energy (such as diesel oil), natural gas is safe, free from disruption and economical.

As natural gas is relatively lighter than air, in the event of a leakage, it simply disperses into the air – greatly reducing any probability of sparking.

Because natural gas is continuously supplied via pipes, disruption to operation is minimised and there is no need to dedicate any manpower to ensuring the smooth supply of natural gas.

The unit cost of natural gas is usually more economical than traditional types of energy/fuel supplies.

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