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Energy Consultancy

Industries can consume a lot of energy. Currently, the industry sector is the largest energy-consuming sector in Singapore.

Because of this, there is an increasing need for industries to adopt energy efficient practices and/or technologies to reduce their energy consumption. This in turn, will lead to energy and cost savings.

This is one of our key strengths – optimising the usage of natural gas for energy savings.

Our services in this area include:

a) Energy Diagnosis

  • We will conduct a diagnosis on your equipment, analysing the findings.
  • Thereafter, a system (based on our extensive knowledge in energy savings) will be proposed to optimise and/or enhance your existing equipment (i.e. furnaces, boilers, etc.)

b) Consulting

  • We will provide solutions to the energy-related problems that you are facing.
  • A quantitative evaluation will then be conducted.
  • Following that, we will advise you on our recommended improvements.
  • These improvements include, fuel switching or better efficiency heating systems, etc.

Speak with us to have a professional, Energy Consultancy for your business.

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