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Energy Service Solutions

Co-Gen/Tri-Gen System

A Co-Gen/Tri-Gen System is the simultaneous production of both electrical (or mechanical) power and useful thermal energy from a fuel source in a single, integrated system.

This system usually consists of a prime mover (heat engine), generator, heat recovery and electrical interconnection. The prime movers for a Co-Gen/Tri-Gen system usually include a gas engine, gas turbine or steam turbines. The mechanical power produced would most often be used to drive a generator to produce electricity. The thermal energy from such systems can be used in direct process applications, or indirectly to produce steam, hot water, hot air for drying, or chilled water for process cooling.

The key benefits of a Co-Gen/Tri-Gen system:

a) Simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy leads to increased in fuel efficiency, reducing energy consumption.
b) Lower energy consumption, lowering energy bills.
c) Any transmission and distribution losses associated with power purchased from the grid will be avoided.
d) Better for the environment, as there are less gas emissions as compared to separated electric-only and thermal-only systems.

Gas Turbine Co-gen system

co gen


Gas Engine Tri-gen system




Highly-Efficient Boiler

We highly recommend incorporating Natural Gas Fired Boilers as part of any energy savings plan. These boilers are usually more efficient than oil fired boilers, while also providing the following advantages:

a) More energy savings.
b) A more manageable and predictable fuel supply.
c) Reduced unit cost of fuel.
d) Reduced equipment footprint.





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