Our Competencies

Simplifying the Business of Energy

Better energy efficiency, lower costs. It's that simple.

Our Competencies

City-OG Gas Energy Services is a retailer of natural gas, with expertise in proven technologies such as Co-gen/Tri-gen Systems, Boilers, fuel switching technologies and other energy related technologies. Our parent companies, City Gas and Osaka Gas, are trusted names in Singapore and Japan, with a combined history of over 100 years.

One of our key competencies is providing industrial companies with energy saving initiatives. By conducting energy diagnosis on customers’ existing equipment and infrastructure, we are able to provide them with valuable insights and customised recommendations on optimising energy efficiency in their complexes/plants. This can be accomplished by maximising energy output using their existing infrastructure, or by introducing better equipment that uses less gas for improved efficiency.

With these recommendations implemented, customers will see an effective energy utilization in production and a decrease in costs..

We also assist customers with financial matters by providing unbiased, professional advice on financial assistance. If needed, we also help them to access and apply for grants and financing options, and introduce financial institutions to customers, enabling them to acquire the capital and initial investment they need to implement the technology they require to take their production to the next level.

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