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Energy Service Solutions

Co-Gen/Tri-Gen System

Co-Gen/Tri-Gen is an integrated system that produces both electrical (or mechanical) power and thermal energy from a particular fuel source.

The system generally consists of a prime mover such as gas engines and gas turbines, generator, heat recovery, and electrical interconnection. While the mechanical power drives the generator to produce electricity, the thermal energy can be utilized in direct process applications, or indirectly to produce steam, hot water, hot air for drying, or chilled water for process cooling.

The key benefits of a Co-Gen/Tri-Gen system:

  • Simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy will lead to higher fuel efficiency
  • Reduce total energy consumption
  • Transmission and distribution losses associated with power purchased from the grid will be avoided
  • Reduce total gas emissions and eco-friendly

Other Energy Solutions

  • Fuel Cell
  • Gas Heat Pump
  • Others