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Where does Singapore's piped natural gas come from?

Singapore imports liquefied natural gas (LNG) from all over the world and through piped natural gas (PNG) from neighbouring countries, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Why should I choose natural gas?

Natural gas is cleaner – producing less greenhouse gases and pollutants than other fuels. Cleaner fuel means it requires less maintenance which reduces operational downtime. Natural gas provides better energy efficiency and lower cost.

Is natural gas safe to use?

NG is lighter than air and it disperses into the air when it leaks. It is safer than other fuels such as diesel or LPG which are highly flammable on the ground. Fuel storage facilities and regulatory license are not required for natural gas.

How do I start using natural gas?

You will need to tap the gas from the nearest gas network. Kindly CONTACT US so that we can assess the gas connection feasibility.